Accelerate the growth of your crop with Parxtra

An innovative solution that uses the power of sound waves to stimulate growth by up to 30-40%

RF-EM Technology

The power behind Parxtra

Our unique and patented solution uses RF-EM (Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields) inaudible sound waves that are safe for humans and animals.


Only 3-5 watts of energy per modulator.

No maintenance

Easy to install and maintenance-free.

Energy saving

Due to faster growth, energy is saved throughout the entire cultivation.

Scientific facts

Stomata are more open, resulting in higher evaporation and a lower leaf temperature.

Proven results

Effective for various potted plants, vegetables, and grasses.

Crops with Proven Results

Ornamental Plants

  • Anthurium
  • Bromeliad
  • Amaryllis
  • Cordyline


  • Vegetables
  • Pak-Choi
  • Cucumber


  • Grasses

Parxtra, more than just growth.

Sustainable Production

Less energy, heat, and light needed per unit of product, resulting in a lower ecological footprint.

Locally applicable

Local-for-local application means that Parxtra has a low footprint everywhere in the world, suitable for local cultivations.

Cost reduction

Thanks to the efficiency of Parxtra, you will realize significant savings in your production costs.

ROI of 2-3 years.

An investment in Parxtra is quickly recouped, with an expected return on investment in just 2 to 3 years.

Parxtra: Ready for the Future.

After 5 years of intensive development and testing, Parxtra is now ready to conquer the market.

Patented technology.

We are proud to announce that our innovative technology is patented!

Please review our documentation.
Scalable & Production-ready.

Parxtra is designed for large-scale implementation. Thanks to our scalable production method, we can quickly respond to the increasing demand.

Scientifically proven by WUR

Wageningen University & Research has demonstrated the positive effect of Parxtra. Download the reports here:

Download Report

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