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ParXtra® steering group

ParXtra® Trading BV has created the so-called ‘ParXtra® Steering Group’. The intention is for this steering group to include several renowned, progressive production companies from the agricultural and horticultural sectors. ParXtra will meet with the members of the steering group on a regular basis to discuss all kinds of strategic, organisational and operational issues relevant at ParXtra. As such, the members of the steering group make an active, substantial contribution to ParXtra’s operation.

For the moment, the steering group is looking for one grower of cut roses and two growers of vegetable crops such as tomatoes and lettuce as additional members.

The members of the steering group are also meant to speak for and represent the interests of the users of the ParXtra® Boosters, and express the users’ wishes. This way, ParXtra Trading expects to meet the wishes of its customers as effectively as possible, and to develop and market products in a customer-oriented way.

Björn and Siegried Bunnik

Bunnik Vriesea’s BV

The company Bunnik Vriesea’s BV, was the first member of the steering group. Björn and Siegfried Bunnik take part in the steering group on behalf of Bunnik Vriesea’s.

Marco & René Hendriks


Shortly after Bunnik Vriesea’s joined the steering group, Opti-Flor BV also commited to become a member of the steering group. Marco & René Hendriks take part on behalf of Opti-Flor.