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“Results were spectacular.”

We tested Bermuda Gras (important for turfs) under fully conditioned circumstances and the results were spectacular! Depending on the settings of the ParXtra Booster®, we saw extreme root development and even extreme growth of the grass itself when compared to the reference plants. The seeds also sprouted extremely quickly.

Peter Penning

Penning Freesia

“The ParXtra Booster speeds up everything,
from the sprouting to the growth of the grass itself”

“Growing cucumbers even in the darker period.”

Thanks to the ParXtra® Booster we were able to grow cucumbers normally in the Netherlands even in the darkest period of the year, from November to January, without artificial light.

Koos Brouwer

Cucumber grower Koos Brouwer

“Growing cucumbers like normal,
but without artificial light and with little natural light!”

“Growth rate increased tremendously.”

We have a Calathea crocata nursery. Using the ParXtra® Booster, we were able to increase the growth rate and achieve a 2-week reduction on the 8-week growth time.

Rob van der Knaap

Nursery Tass

“Higher yield in less time!”

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