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Opti-flor will collaborate intensively with ParXtra Trading. In concrete terms, this means that the phalaenopsis company in Monster will extensively test with the ParXtra® booster: an innovative device that enhances the vibration of light and in this way stimulates plant growth. In addition, Opti-flor helps to make the production of the first large numbers of ParXtra® boosters possible and Marco and René Hendriks participate in the steering committee of ParXtra Trading.

Marco and René Hendriks from Opti-flor and Lennard van Vliet and Mark van den Ende from ParXtra Trading will sign the partnership agreement on Friday 24 August. The first concrete elaboration of this is that Opti-flor will start intensive testing with the ParXtra® booster from this fall. The tests at Opti-flor should provide insight into the precise added value of the ParXtra® booster in phalaenopsis cultivation.

We are very curious about the results in our cultivation!

Opti-flor also supports ParXtra Trading to enable the production of the first large numbers of ParXtra® boosters. The devices that will be delivered this fall will be used at Opti-flor and at a few other horticultural companies.

ParXtra® Steering Group
An Opti-flor delegation is also part of the so-called ParXtra® Steering Committee. This steering group consists of a select group of horticultural entrepreneurs, who feed ParXtra Trading from practice with input for new products to be developed. This concerns solutions to control or stimulate plant growth. These products are the first to be tested at the companies that are part of the steering committee.

About ParXtra Trading
ParXtra Trading BV focuses on the development and marketing of solutions and products that contribute to the optimal control and stimulation of plant growth. With this ParXtra Trading wants to make a positive contribution to solving the global food problem and to more sustainable agriculture and horticulture.