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Overwhelming interest during HortiContact

We look back on a successful HortiContact grant, there was a lot of interest for the ParXtra Booster! Mark van den Ende told the stock exchange in a nutshell, what added value the ParXtra Booster can offer and what amazing results have been achieved. Check the...

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Opti-flor and ParXtra Trading are joining forces

Opti-flor will collaborate intensively with ParXtra Trading. In concrete terms, this means that the phalaenopsis company in Monster will extensively test with the ParXtra® booster: an innovative device that enhances the vibration of light and in this way stimulates...

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Cutting rose: first trials successfully completed

The first trials with cutting roses were completed in the 3rd week of September. The differences between the plants that were grown with the ParXtra booster, versus the reference lot, were really huge. For example, the harvested stems of the treated plants were 33%...

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