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The first trials with cutting roses were completed in the 3rd week of September. The differences between the plants that were grown with the ParXtra booster, versus the reference lot, were really huge. For example, the harvested stems of the treated plants were 33% heavier than the stems of the untreated plants. Also the flowers of the stems that were treated were visibly larger and better filled, the stems themselves were thicker and firmer and also longer. Concrete percentates are noted in the reports but may not be published yet.
I have been a grower for many years, but I have never experienced anything like this, this is unprecedented ….
Karel van Rijn, Van Rijn Roses BV from De Kwakel
Interested growers cutting rose can possibly report to ParXta Trading for more information. The duration of the test was 4 weeks, the plants were grown in a fully conditioned climate cell under artificial light, with all plants coming from 1 batch of 1 variety. ParXtra was assisted in a sublime manner by the driven grower Karel van Rijn from Van Rijn Roses BV (www.vanrijnroses.nl), who visited the ParXtra Trading trial location on a weekly basis. A large-scale trial rose will start in October 2018 at this grower and at another grower of cut rose.