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How does the ParXtra booster work?

The ParXtra booster transmits acoustic energy. These sound waves are of such a high frequency that they are not discernible to the human or animal ear. This acoustic energy enhances the light that reaches the plant. The light we are referring to is, of course, natural light, whether or not in combination with artificial light produced such as AGRO LED tubes, SON-T lamps, LED lights or other grow lights.

The ParXtra booster can stimulate multiple frequencies within the light spectrum that are crucial to plant growth. The basic model of the ParXtra booster enhances four light frequencies that are important for plant growth. Each of these frequencies can be switched on or off, allowing you to guide the development of the plant in a highly targeted manner.

We recommend to suspend the ParXtra booster up to three metres above the crop, but it can also be placed in between the plants. The ParXtra booster is connected to the electricity grid. The ParXtra booster uses approximately 3 Watts of power. On average, one ParXtra booster should be installed for every 50 m2. However, the number of ParXtra boosters you need depends on the crop you are growing.

For which objective can the ParXtra booster be used?

Increase your production
Save energy
Root plants faster
Regulate plant growth

For which crop types can the ParXtra booster be used?

The ParXtra booster can be used in greenhouses as well as in the open field. ParXtra boosters used outside can it be powered by means of a solar cell, which provides the booster with the required electricity.

The ParXtra booster can be applied in the cultivation of potted plants, cut flowers, vegetables and fruit and can be deployed in the agriculture, arable farming and forestry industries. The ParXtra booster is also of considerable benefit for the production of cuttings, seeds and tissue cultivation.